PixelChat lets you create your own emojis, message them to your friends and even stamp them on photos!



Create Custom Emojis

Work on making your own set of personal emojis by either drawing them yourself or converting a photo from your iPhone device with our state of the art emoji keyboard app.

Grumpy Cat Twitter.png

Message Friends

Send customized texts to your friends with emojis you create. Now you can message your friends with a much more personal twist.



For iPhone users, you can now use the Pixel chat emoji keyboard to send messages and emojis through SMS or iMessage texts like never before!


Connect with Friends

Find your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and your phone contacts to share each other's creations.

Search The COmmunity

Look for stickers that other PixelChat users created. You can choose thousands from around the world and even edit them if you'd like.

Example of Photo Editor.png

Stamp on Photos

Post emojis on photos simply using our photo editing tool. Pick any emojis you create or search for others with ease. The world is yours to pixelate.