We are a family owned company from Arizona who believe we can redefine what it means to be a social network by giving the people tools they've never had access to! We work with a team of extremely talented developers at Dapper Gentlemen who've helped us create the best possible product. Our main philosophy is to give our users as much creative power as possible. With this in mind, we strive to innovate with something never before seen in every new version we release. We want pixel artists, graphic designers, text messengers and newcomers to enjoy the creative tools PixelChat has to offer!

Caio Salvador Vissicaro


Ari Roberto Vissicaro

Our team has always been focused on what's best for the people. Our focus is devoted to helping people outside of the app by donating and campaigning for philanthropic matters. More specifically, we have a strong passion for green technology and sustainable practices which we hope to invest in as our company progresses. With your help we will make this a cleaner and better Earth.